Sunday, January 16, 2011

Penguin Math Games

Capture the Penguins Game uses the outcome of two-dice toss to form a coordinate pair. Students toss two dice (one regular and one A-F) in this fun game that introduces students to coordinate graphing in the spaces.   Students form a coordinate pair based on the dice toss and capture a penguin, if possible.   Students use the accompanying recording sheet to keep score during the game. 
  • A-F Dice: Create A-F dice using plain dice or purchase small wooden cubes at a craft store to make the dice.  
  • Penguin Pieces: Penguins pictured to the right were created by painting wooden clothespins and doll stands, both readily available at craft stores. 
Download Capture the Penguins game mat, instructions and student recording sheet. 

Free the Penguins Game:  The penguins are stuck on the ice floes. Only a roll of the die can free them to search for food in the ocean. Students will practice addition or subtraction facts as they try to be the first to free their penguins. Use mats with clothespin penguins for the most fun! 

These games are not only an excellent opportunity to practice basic facts but they allow students to collect data and reflect on the probability inherent in the game. Suggestions are included with this game for students to keep tallies of all dice tosses, organize the class data in a line plot, and then analyze the data for patterns and trends. 

Download Free the Penguins game mat, instructions and suggestions for data collection.



  1. I featured your posts along with several others. Thank you so much!! ;)

    >Have you noticed the outbreak of PENGUINS???

  2. I made another type of game piece to go with your penguin game:

  3. The penguin pieces are adorable!! Thanks so much for sharing the pictures, patterns and instructions.

  4. Hi there! I used BOTH the Penguin Games here and the little glass penguin pieces from "love2teach2day". Thank you so much for these!