Saturday, January 29, 2011

Valentine Quilt

This Valentine Quilt is a great culminating activity for a study of the geometry of quilts. Each student designs a 9-square paper quilt patch using only red, pink and white paper. Students may elect to use a traditional quilt pattern or design their own original pattern and name it. Assemble all of the quilt squares into a class quilt. 

Be sure to use the Quilt Block Challenge to introduce students to the mathematical geometry of quilts.  Here are some additional Mathwire handouts to help you get started on any quilting study:
  • 3x3 Quilt Patterns  may be used as templates for copying shapes onto colored paper and for students to assemble their own quilt blocks.
  • Paper Quilt Block Writing to Learn helps students reflect on the symmetry and transformations found in their quilt block design.
These internet sites are also helpful when introducing students to the mathematics of quilting:
  • Annenberg's Quilts addresses 4 different kinds of symmetry found in quilt blocks. Students will then have to identify the kind of symmetry used in other quilt blocks, then select pieces from the four given pieces to replicate that quilt block. 
  • Nine Patch Quilt Block Patterns  shows students pictures of traditional quilt blocks based on the 3x3 grid.

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