Saturday, January 22, 2011

Penguin Bowling Game

The Penguin Bowling Game was designed to provide mixed basic facts practice. Students toss 4 dice, then use the numbers from the dice throw and any of the four operations (+, -. *, /) to form expressions to knock down penguin pins. They are trying to create expressions that result in answers of each number from 1-10.  Each student uses a recording sheet to write their expressions.  Insert the recording sheet into a plastic sheet protector and use dry erase markers for a renewable option.

Students use a score sheet to record group scores as one does in real bowling games. Remember to model the scoring process, using an overhead of the scoring sheet, if students are not familiar with scoring regular bowling games. Teachers will especially have to model how to score a strike, as students will be strongly motivated to knock down all ten penguins in each round to gain these extra strike points.

This activity is a great do-now for students at the beginning or end of class to provide basic facts practice that students find highly motivating in a game format.  Additionally, students profit from seeing and hearing the expressions their peers created and they are more likely to incorporate similar strategies in future play.

Penguin Bowling Game Materials:

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