Thursday, January 20, 2011

Snowflake Symmetry

Symmetric Snowflake
Here's an activity for all those students enjoying snowy weather.  Symmetric Snowflake  challenges students to use pattern blocks to complete the other half of a snowflake, based on the pattern to the left of the given line of symmetry.  Afterwards, students are asked to create their own symmetric snowflake, using pattern blocks.   

Snowflake Symmetry

Challenge students to predict and draw what a snowflake will look like when the given pattern is cut out. Then, have students actually cut out the snowflake pattern to check their prediction. Finally, students will identify and draw in lines of symmetry for the snowflake pattern. Train students to think about and visualize the symmetry inherent in this hexagonal structure. 

  • Bulletin Board:  display both the folded designs and the finished products in random order. Label each design with a number and each finished product with a letter. Challenge students to correctly match each pair.

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