Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Fish out of Water Game

This is a simple counting game, designed by a Monmouth University student.  It's a great game for Dr. Seuss day, accompanying One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish.  Students begin with 20 fish out of water, toss a die, and place that many fish back in the bowl.

While the file provides a game mat, teachers might choose to use a bowl and fish manipulatives.  It's fairly easy to find plastic fish in dollar stores.  Plastic fruit containers from the grocery store simulate a fish bowl and the lid can be used to store the pieces in the fish bowl for use in the math center.

Although the game was designed as counting practice for young students, it may be enriched to provide a data collection activity for older students.  Given the premise of the game, students are asked to estimate how many times they will have to toss the die to get all of the fish back in the bowl.  Students then play the game several times, collect data and add it to class results.  Students analyze the data in small groups and draw conclusions backed up by the data.  The teacher then leads a class analysis of the data.

Download Fish out of Water, which includes game mats for a single player, two players, center icons, and directions.  Add this game to the math center for independent practice.

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