Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Domino Flash Game

Play Domino Flash to help your students master the domino patterns.  Each student needs a domino mat and counters.  Teachers may use overhead dominoes or Domino Flash Cards, copied on card stock, cut apart and laminated for classroom use.

The teacher shows a domino for a count of 5-10 seconds, depending on the ability level of the students, then covers it.  Students look at the domino as it is shown, then build the domino from memory, using a domino mat.  Students may use round chips to recreate the domino.  Alternately, if the mat is inserted in a sheet protector, students may use a dry erase marker to draw the pips.

The teacher circulates around the room as students work, to observe student performance,   After some time, the teacher asks students to describe the domino they saw and how they remembered the patterns to build.  Finally, the teacher shows the domino again so that students are able to self-correct.

Center Activity:  make the Domino Flash Game materials available for students to play as pairs or triads at center time.  Students love to rotate playing teacher for this game!

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