Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentine's Day Grab the Candy Game

This game is yet another version of the familiar Battleship game.  Students place candy hearts on the board.  They take turns rolling two dice (one regular die and one marked A-F) and form an ordered pair (e.g. (B,4).  If there is a candy in that square, they take the candy.  If not, the next player tosses the dice.

This game provides practice for young students in naming ordered pairs.  Playing the game prepares them for later years when they will name points at the intersection of the lines.  It is important that students learn to name the spaces using the horizontal (A-F), then the vertical (1-6) to prepare them for the mathematical convention of ordered pairs in (x,y) form.

Download the Grab the Candy game mat which includes both the introductory game mat, shown above, and a traditional game mat using ordered pairs that name the intersections.

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