Monday, February 20, 2012

Seussical Combinations

The book states that not one of them is like another. These original Mathwire problems challenge students to use combinations to figure out how many unique fish could be created.

  • Challenge younger students to find all of the different combinations for  Seussical Fish using attributes from the story. Making an orderly list is an effective strategy for solving this problem. Other students might opt to draw the solution.
  • Older students will enjoy the challenge of the   Fishy Combinations problem which involves many more options. The model solution uses the multiplication principle of counting to easily solve the problem. Students may also use a tree diagram or list all of the possible red fish, then extend this list to the blue and black fish combinations.


  1. The lessons on Mathwire make me happy!! Thank you!

  2. Thanks, Cindy. I believe that elementary students can have fun AND learn math concepts at the same time. Not only is this possible, it's also very effective in that they learn better and make the experience their own.