Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Changes in Temperature Template

Changes in temperature are a real-life application of integers in mathematics.  3 degrees warmer would be represented as +3 while 5 degrees colder would be represented as a change of -5.  This change in temperature use of positive and negative integers is in addition to the absolute temperatures on a thermometer which might read below 0 in some climates.

Students use this template to record data to solve changes in temperature problems. Using the 5-day forecast, the teacher tells students Monday's temperature and the change (+ or -) for each day of the week. Students use this information to figure out the actual temperature for each day of the week. Note that the change should reflect the change from the previous day. For example, a change of -3 for Wednesday means that the temperature went down 3 degrees from Tuesday's temperature. Additionally, if the teacher uses the actual changes in the 5-day forecast for the area, the students can also assess the accuracy of a 5-day forecast as the week's weather plays out.

Place the template in a clear sheet protector and provide dry erase markers for students to use.

The thermometer strip is available as a visual representation for students to use in solving the changes in temperature problems. Students write Monday's temperature in the START space. They may then simply count up or down spaces to get to the next day's temperature. 

The template was designed so that students could use a clothespin to mark the daily change for ease in recording on the template pictured above. The clothespin simply clips onto the appropriate space as a placeholder while students write in the temperature and record the information in the weekly chart.

Download the Changes in Temperature Template which also includes thermometer strips that may be laminated for student use in these lessons.

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