Friday, November 4, 2011

Who Has? Fraction Deck

This deck was designed to provide practice in using the area model of fractions.  The teacher distributes the cards and picks any student to begin the round.  In the case above, the sequence would go:
  • [red shading] I have 1/12.  Who has 3/8?
  • [green shading] I have 3/8.  Who has 4/5?
  • [yellow shading]  I have 4/5.  Who has 5/12?
The beauty of all of the Who Has? games are that students remain active participants throughout the game.  Even after they have read their card aloud, they continue to attend to the card at hand, so students get lots of practice.

Differentiation:   Teachers may differentiate the game to accommodate learners with special needs by:
  • specially selecting cards when distributing them so that each learner may be successful in naming his/her fraction
  • allowing partners to work together to participate, thus providing the opportunity for gentle prompting for students who need this help to successfully participate in this activity.
Materials:  Download the Who Has? Fraction deck which is designed to be printed on 2x4 inch labels which may then be affixed to index cards to easily create a classroom deck of cards.

Variation:  Students may play this game in groups of 2-4.  They simply deal out all of the cards and place them face up on their desks.  One player begins, reading a card, then turning it over.  Whoever has the answer to that card, reads it and then turns it over.  Play continues in this way until one player has turned over all of his/her cards.  He/she is the winner.  

Of course, this is totally random, based on the distribution of the cards and the selection of the starting card, but students are fascinated with this version and willingly play and practice fractions in this game format.  Make the game available in the math center and schedule time for students to play.

Learn More:  Read more about using Who Has? decks to practice basic facts, scan some classroom management strategies for maximizing the potential benefits of these simple activities or download additional Who Has? decks in Mathwire's Who Has? collection.

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