Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Spin to Win Game

Landmarks are an important concept in the study of fractions.  Students need to have a conceptual understanding of whether a fraction is close to 0, close to 1/2, close to 1, larger than 1, etc. in order to correctly evaluate fractions and check the reasonableness of their answers.  The Spin to Win Game was designed to practice these skills in a fun game.

Students should be encouraged to use various methods of comparing the fractions (e.g. drawing pictures, folding paper, fraction strips, etc.)   It's not uncommon for students to use a more sophisticated approach.  Your fraction is larger than 1/2.  My fraction is less than 1/2, so  my fraction is closer to 0.

Directions for Spin to Win Game
  • Students play in pairs. 
  • Each student draws a card from the fraction deck.
  • One student spins the spinner.

  • In this case, the spinner landed on closer to 0.  Students decide whose fraction is closer to 0.  That player wins both cards.
  • NOTE:  If the spinner lands on closer to 1/2 or closer to 1, then the player whose fraction is closest to these landmarks wins both cards.
  • If the spinner lands on PLAY for 4!  Draw new cards, then both players pick another fraction card, place it on top of their original card, then spin the spinner.  The player whose new fraction card best matches the spinner wins all 4 cards.
  • If the players turn over equivalent fractions, then they drawn new cards, spin the spinner and the player whose new fraction card best matches the spinner wins all 4 cards.
  • Teachers may set the end of the game to be most points in 5 minutes, first player to get 10 points, etc. to fit available time and best meet student needs.
Download the Spin to Win Game directions and spinner.

Download Fraction Cards.

DIFFERENTIATION:  It may be helpful to provide this fraction strip handout for students still struggling with the size of fractions.  Slip the handout into a clear sheet protector and provide dry erase markers.  Students may then use the fraction strips to compare their fractions to see who is closer to the landmark.

Download Fraction Strip handout from the internet.

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