Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Question of the Day

Collecting, organizing and analyzing data are essential skills in today's world.  Some teachers incorporate daily practice by including a question of the day in the morning routines.  Students have markers with their names, and they are accustomed to completing this task when they arrive in the classroom, placing their marker in the correct spot.  If students are non-readers, assign one student to be the interviewer, repeating the question to classmates as they arrive in the classroom.


  • Vary the format of the data organization, providing practice by using bar graphs, clothespin graph, Venn diagram, tally chart, line plot, glyph, etc.
  • Use seasonal, weather, holiday prompts to collect data.
  • Coordinate math question of the day to current literature, science or social studies units.
  • Extend assembly and field trip experiences by graphing data about the particular theme.
  • Check out this list of data questions for young learners.

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