Monday, April 11, 2011

Ladybug Odd & Even Numbers

Students use counters and their ladybug mats. Count out the correct number of counters for the given number. Place counters, alternating sides, onto the ladybug mat until all counters are placed. If there are the same number of counters on each side of the ladybug, then the number is an even number. If one side has an extra counter (spot), then the number is an odd number.

  • Download Ladybug Math for directions for Odd and Even Ladybugs, recording sheet, number cards and Odd/Even Recording Sheet. 
  • B/W Ladybug Mat includes mat, recording sheet and number sentence template. 
  • Color Ladybug Mat may be used with round counters or black foam circles.

Suggestion for Morning Math Routines: Place a ladybug template in a sheet protector or laminate the ladybug. Use a dry-erase marker to add a new spot each day. Discuss whether the ladybug has an odd or even number of spots, based on whether there are the same number of spots on each side of the ladybug. Incorporate this practice into morning routines to reinforce odd and even numbers. 


  1. I hope you'll join the new Math Monday Blog Hop!

    I think we're destined to explore odd/even this week. This lesson is wonderful and someone posted a game to go with Even Steven/Odd Todd on the blog hop. ;)

    Thanks for all your fabulous stuff. This is my hands-down favorite math blog.

  2. I like your blog too. I bought Math on the Level a month ago and although I love it at times I feel somewhat overwhelmed, but blogs like yours, love2teach2day's and blog, she wrote's helps me reinforce our program.