Thursday, April 14, 2011

Ladybug Links

For those who remember the Logo language, NCTM Illuminations offers a similar experience for students today.  The Ladybug Adventures unit requires students to use geometric and measurement skills to program a sequence to move the ladybug under a leaf or through a maze.

  • Students use NCTM's Hiding Ladybug applet to design a path that will take the ladybug beneath the leaf for a great problem solving experience. This online applet encourages students to refine their paths until they are ultimately successful. 
  • Making Triangles and Making Rectangles require students to teach the ladybug to use specific angles to create shapes that will hide the ladybug under the leaf. 
  • Finally, Ladybug Mazes challenges students to develop a series of moves that will successfully navigate the ladybug through the given maze. 
 These online applets are exceptional tools to help students think about and experience geometric concepts.  Students are motivated by the challenge and get immediate feedback on their success.  The applets allow students to refine their initial attempts, another plus in motivating students to successfully master the skills to meet a challenge.
  •  There are additional Ladybug Links available on Mathwire's Ladybug Themed Activities.

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