Friday, March 18, 2011

Scrambled Eggs Game

Successfully skip counting by 5s is an important mathematical foundation for the 5 times table, for counting nickels, for rounding numbers, etc. Counting by 5s and counting by 10s are often the first rote skip counting a student learns. While some students will naturally learn the count through classroom activities, other students will need deliberate intervention to master this sequence. 

 Scrambled Eggs Game

Distribute large cards with multiples of 5 to students. Ask students to quietly assemble themselves in correct order, holding the card in front of them. Time the class in this activity, if this motivates your class to master the sequence. 

NOTE: Cheap, white paper plates work well for this activity. Write large numbers with a black sharpie pen.  Paper plates stack easily for storage and also hold up well through repeated use. 

Partner Game: Each partner shuffles a set of count by five cards and turns them face down.  On the word "GO!" each partner turns over the first card and places it roughly before him/her.  Each student turns over one card at a time, ordering the cards before him/her until all cards are in correct order.  First student to correctly order the sequence of cards wins the game.  
  • Download Count by 5 Cards for individual student use. Copy on card stock, cut apart, and place in baggies for partner game use.

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