Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Guess the Number

Guess the Number
Logic Number Puzzles

 Give students more practice in using the hundred board to solve number clue problems. Once again, students solve the problem clue by clue. With this set, however, students must use multiplication, money, and measurement facts to correctly solve the problem and guess the number.This is great practice for state testing as the clues draw on many different mathematical skills.

Sample Problem:Guess the Number-1
  • The number is greater than the number of pennies in a quarter.
  • The number is less than the number of pennies in five dimes.
  • The number is an odd number.
  • If you count by 5s, you say the number.
  • The sum of the digits is 8.
  • What is the number?
Suggested Uses:
  • Do Now! or warm-up activity
  • Math Center Activity
  • Problem solving activity on game days
  • Writing original Guess The Number problems for a class collection 
Download the Guess the Number teacher resource packet which includes 10 logic number puzzles, a blank template and answer key.

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