Monday, March 28, 2011

Mathwire Who Has? Deck Collection

Several decks are available on Mathwire for downloading as PDFs.   All decks are 30 cards so that there are enough cards for most classes.   In fact, some students will probably need to have two cards to use the complete deck.   The decks are designed to print onto 2x4 inch labels (10 to a page).   These can then be affixed to index cards to create each deck.   If labels are not available, simply cut and paste the printout to create card decks. 
More or Less Deck:   this deck was developed to help students develop mental math proficiency.  Students will learn to mentally add or subtract a one-digit number or a multiple of  10.  Regular practice helps students develop proficiency in mental addition and subtraction.

Coins Deck:  Two decks are available for this series. 

  • Coin Deck uses clip art of actual coins on each card.  Students answer the question Who has 40 cents?  by stating I have 4 dimes, reading the coins on their cards to correctly answer the question.  Note that this 20-card version uses both heads and tails of coins.
  • Coin Deck with Antennas is the same deck as above, but antennas have been added to coins for an easy coin-counting modification for struggling learners.  Read more about the coin antenna strategy in Mathwire's Money Activities & Strategies collection.

Doubles Deck

This doubles deck was developed to provide practice in doubles facts.  This 20-card deck is straightforward practice of these important facts.  Regular practice helps students develop mastery of doubles.

 Base Ten Deck

The Base Ten deck provides practice in recognizing numbers pictured in base ten block representation. 

Mathwire Who Has? Collection

These are a few samples from the Mathwire collection.  See Who Has? Activities to read more about using these decks in the classroom and to download additional decks for fractions, geometry, etc. 

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