Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Hundred Board Puzzles

Students learn the patterns in the hundred board by assembling puzzles. Teachers are able to assess student use of patterns in rows and columns by observing the student at work.

Differentiation:  This task is easily differentiated to accommodate the varied levels in a first grade class by changing the number of pieces and the shape of the pieces. Puzzle bags should be sequentially lettered so that students progress through harder versions of the task. Finally, students are asked to create their own puzzles for classmates to solve.

Extension:  Use a 101-200 number grid so that students extend patterns and become more familiar with 3-digit numbers.

  • See Hundred Board Activities on Mathwire to download a hundred board template that may be used to create the hundred board puzzles.
  • Copy the template onto card stock to make the puzzles heavier and easier to assemble.

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