Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Measurement Man

Students typically have difficulty in class and on testing with measurement topics.   Consider sprinkling measurement instruction over the course of the year so that students have a chance to use the measurement units and to become more familiar with these units. 

Measurement Man is a great hands-on activity as students assemble the pieces which build on student experience with cut-paper fractions.   Students are able to visualize the relationship among these different units of capacity as they cut and assemble the figure.   While they can't bring Measurement Man into testing, many students can see him in their mind which helps them visualize the units more clearly.   Some teachers also encourage students to view their own arms and legs as quarts and pints.   They just need to remember that they only have four fingers or toes on each hand and foot.   Maybe the crows got one? 

Download Measurement Man directions.  Consider adding a pointed cap and some raffia straw to create a field of scarecrows, just perfect for fall decorations.

See more pictures of Measurement Men decorating school classrooms and hallways.

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