Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Online Cereal Toy Investigation Simulator

This applet, designed by Erin Mulder, allows students to conduct multiple simulations and collect data on a larger sample.   Students may run 20-30 trials more quickly than the dice toss.   The applet is probably best used following the class data collection simulation with 6-sided dice. 

In this simulation, students will need to collect data on the total number of boxes bought to get all 6 toys so they must decide how best to record that data.   The class must also decide on a method of recording the class data (e.g. adding to the class line plot using a different color marker would facilitate comparison of the results).   Discussion should center around how well the small class sampling results matched the larger computer-generated results. 

Directions for Cereal Applet:
  • Once the Applet is loaded, click on "Next Box" to buy a box of cereal.
  • A box of Cheerios and a toy will be added to the screen.
  • Click "Next Box" again to buy another box of cereal and get a free toy.
  • Keep clicking "Next Box" until you get all six toys.
  • The applet will stop at this point and tell you how many boxes you had to buy to get all six toys.
  • Students can then see how many of each toy they got.
  • When students have recorded this information for the trial, they click on "Reset" to begin a new trial.
  • Students should add these computer simulations to the class data for discussion. 
Run the online Cereal Toy Investigation Simulator.  [Java applet requires Java-enabled browser.]

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