Monday, February 21, 2011

Data Collection: Count in a Minute

Count in a Minute: First graders at Flynn School in Perth Amboy, NJ, created a large line plot of how high they could count in a minute. Student pairs worked together to time and count then post the results on the class graph.
  • The teacher presented the question to the class: How high do you think most first graders in this class can count in a minute? The teacher led a discussion that included student predictions and the reasons for their predictions.
  • The teacher created a large number line on the blackboard to form the basis of the line plot. The teacher used a timer to signal the start and end of the minute.
  • Students worked in pairs. First, student A counted aloud while student B listened. When the minute was over, student B wrote the highest number on a post-it and added it to the class results.
  • Students repeated the experiment: student B counted aloud while student A listened. These results were then added to the class results.
  • Data Analysis:  The teacher led a discussion of the results and whether or not the results were what they predicted. Why or why not?

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