Thursday, November 18, 2010

Turkey Glyph

Students in Mrs. Bestle's class in Keansburg, NJ, created turkey glyphs that tell a story about how they celebrate Thanksgiving and what foods they like to eat on that special day.  It's great to have students create the legend(key) for what different parts of the turkey glyph mean (e.g. like white or dark meat, eat home or away, like gravy, feather colors for different vegetables, etc.)

Glyphs are a great visual display of data and may be used to create a seasonal bulletin board of student work.  Be sure to use the display for some data analysis activities. 
  • Will more people in this class eat at home or away for Thanksgiving?
  • Do more people in this class like corn or potatoes
  • How many people in this class like yams?

Developing the legend(key) with students allows teachers to customize the activity to fit individual classes.  Creating a legend for a glyph is a higher-order thinking skill that develops critical thinking skills. 
See turkey glyph for one teacher's legend and lesson plan for this activity.

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