Saturday, November 6, 2010

Guess My Rule Game

This function machine game was created to give students practice in saying and writing the rule, given an input/output table. One student has the rule which the other student has to guess. The guesser records an input number in the table. The rule person must apply the rule and tell the output number. Student pairs repeat this until the guesser correctly identifies the rule by saying and writing it. Students then switch places and repeat the activity.

Download three different levels of rules for play: simple addition & subtraction, multiplication or two-step rules.

Differentiation:  This game is easily differentiated by varying the rule cards provided to students.  Use simple one-step addition and/or subtraction for basic skills students and challenge better students by graduating them to 2-step rules.  Consider printing the different level rules on different color paper so that students may easily select the proper level from the math center.

Enrichment:  Provide blank cards for students to create their own rules to challenge their peers.  Be sure that students try their rule on at least 3 other students to be sure that they have written it correctly.

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