Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Gingerbread Man Problem Solving

Students are asked to use words, pictures and numbers to solve these gingerbread problems:

Gingerbread Bake Sale challenges students to figure out how many different gingerbread men Ruby can make for the holiday bake sale.

Gingerbread Man Chains requires students to calculate how many gingerbread men will be needed to create chains across the bulletin board.  Students also need to figure out how many sheets of brown construction paper will be needed for the project.

Creative Extension:  Ask students to write original problems that involve the gingerbread man.  Encourage them to think of measurement and patterns as well as numbers and operations as they create their word problems.  Provide time for students to type in, print out and decorate their problems.  Assemble them into a class Gingerbread Man booklet that may be shared with other classes as well.

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