Friday, December 9, 2011

Gingerbread Graph Ideas

It is very easy to incorporate graphing into a gingerbread man unit. Consider these possibilities to get the creative juices flowing. Remember to include different kinds of graphs as suggested below.
  • Gingerbread Info.: As an introduction to the unit, graph how many students have eaten a gingerbread cookie, baked a gingerbread cookie or decorated a gingerbread cookie. [clothespin graph with simple yes/no options]
  • Gingerbread Bites: Ask students to take one bite of their gingerbread cookie.   Graph or tally how many students bit off the head, the right arm, left arm, right leg or left leg. [bar graph, as shown, or pictograph using pieces]
  • Gingerbread Taste Test: Have children taste several different gingerbread cookies, including homemade and store-bought. Ask students to vote for their favorite cookie. [bar graph]
  • Gingerbread Man Stories: After reading several different versions of the classic story, ask students to vote on their favorite. [pictograph using book die cuts]
  • Gingerbread Unit: At the conclusion of the gingerbread unit, have students vote on their favorite activity. [bar graph]

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  1. All these ideas are great for the traditional classroom. Do you have any ideas that would work for one-on-one graphing?