Monday, May 16, 2011

Tally Ho! Game

This game was created to help kindergarten students learn to use tally marks to count.  The game mat was specially designed to support young learners who must master the skill of tally counting.  

Tally marks are made in groups of five (four upright and the fifth goes across the four) for easy counting.  The game mat has four dots to prompt students to mark four upright tallies.  Then the dotted line prompts students to close the gate by drawing the fifth tally across the group of four,  Finally, each group of five is in its own box.

Now, students practice making tally marks in a game format.  They roll a die and add that many tally marks to their game mat.  For ease of use, place the Tally Ho! game mat in a sheet protector and use dry erase pens to make the tally marks.  They are easily erased to play again.

Differentiation:  Use this dot and dashed line approach as an accommodation for students having difficulty making tally marks correctly in groups of five in classroom activities. 

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