Thursday, October 28, 2010

Math App: Motion Math

This app targets students' understanding of fractions.  As students work their way back into space, they must sort fractions by tilting the iTouch (iPhone, iPad) so that the ball bounces in the proper spot.

The app provides practice in different representations of fractions.  Students must drop the ball at the correct location on a number line in one level.  Another level presents a visual representation of the fraction which students must also bounce at the correct location.

Still other levels ask students to sort fractions as less than, equal to, or more than the given fraction.  These sorts may contain fractions, visual representations, percents, and decimals so that students become accustomed to equivalent representations of fractions.

This is a great app for fraction practice.  Students are playing AND learning at the same time.  Students only need to move the iTouch to make the ball bounce in the correct location.  Correct responses generate a corresponding marking on the number line.  Incorrect responses prompt an arrow indicating which way the user should bounce the ball the next try.

The app is available through iTunes for 99 cents.  It's certainly worth the price to provide fraction practice in a game mode.  Be sure to check out more about the game and the research behind this app at Motion Math.


  1. Were you able to get it to react prompty on the less than/equal to/more than activity? Here's what happened when I tried it:

    I appreciate your review. I'm always looking for new, good math apps!

  2. I initially had some difficulty on my iTouch, but as I worked with it, I got better. That being said, I wondered how it would respond on an iPad?

    I think the game combines both fractional knowledge and game-playing skill which should appeal to younger users who are accustomed to the whole gaming experience. Sometimes you just can't react quickly enough to make the ball go where you want it to. That's part of the whole gaming element!

    Users must react very quickly, especially in the less than/equal to/more than activity but there seems to be no penalty in this option, so users get an oral response as to correctness.

    All in all, I still think it's a strong app for developing a conceptual understanding of fractions in their different representations. I think the skill element will appeal to students accustomed to computer games and apps. I'd definitely use this app to support fractional activities. I only wish they'd had it when I was learning fractions!

  3. Hello TK,
    Thanks so much for your thoughtful review of our app (I've linked to you from our reviews page). To answer your question - I think the play on the iPad is the best of all because it's an even more physically involving experience. We'll also soon release a native iPad version with some additional feaures.

    Love2Teach, sorry you had a less than ideal experience. The older iPhones and iPod Touches are not ideal for our graphics-intensive game. We simplified the graphics a bit for older devices, but sometimes it's still a bit too slow. Apologies, and glad you and yours were still able to enjoy most of it.


  4. I wondered if it would be better on the iPad, too. Have you played Pearl Diver? You can get a free app or play it here:

    The variety of problems isn't as great, but I was better able to get the iTouch to do what I needed it to do. But, as you said, it's all about reacting quickly. Maybe I'm just too old! ;) LOL.

    Thanks, again, for your review. I am happy we bought it.