Sunday, August 1, 2010

Three Strikes and You're Out!

Summer means baseball games so capitalize on this favorite sport with the game Three Strikes and You're Out!  The game was designed to practice addition and subtraction facts while incorporating a basic introduction to probability outcomes. 

Players will enjoy choosing the numbers for their players and their strikes.   As they play the game, they'll learn which numbers are best for placing players and which numbers are best left as strikes, developing a basic understanding of probability.  They'll practice addition or subtraction facts while learning that the dice toss is often unpredictable and random.

The game uses the sum of two dice to practice addition facts, but may easily be adapted to practice subtraction facts by using two 12-sided dice and finding the difference. The game handouts include directions, variations in play and scoring, game boards for both the addition and subtraction games, as well as game pieces that may be used to support the baseball theme.  

Download the directions and gameboards for Three Strikes and You're Out.

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  1. My students loved this game last year. Since this game was themed around baseball, my students especially the boys LOVED this game. They thought math was SO AWESOME.