Saturday, January 9, 2010

Snowman Glyph

Students will enjoy creating snowman glyphs to picture data about themselves.  Adapt the legend to fit your particular class and/or location.  As students become accustomed to creating glyphs, it's easy to adapt holiday craft projects to become glyphs.  Teachers like to involve students in designing the legend for these projects which requires higher-order thinking skills as they analyze what would be important data to know and how best to picture it in the particular glyph.

Display completed glyphs on a class bulletin board and challenge students to analyze the class data by asking pertinent questions:
  • Do more people in this class ride the bus or walk to school?
  • Do most people in the class have siblings?
  • What set of months have the least birthdays for this class?
  • Do you think these results will be the same for Mrs. ________'s class?  Why or why not?
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