Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Tessellations: Online Resources

Tessellations.org:  Check out Tessellations.org for additional information on creating tessellations.  Be sure to visit the online galleries to view Escher-like tessellating pieces designed by students.  The site also hosts several different methods for creating these tessellating pieces.

Bookmark this online tessellation site as a wonderful resource for your tessellation unit.  It would be a great introduction to an Escher unit as well.

M.C. Escher Official Website:  http://www.mcescher.com/

Tessellation World of Makoto Nakamura:  this artist creates colorful Escher-like tessellations, then animates many of them.  This is an incredible site not to be missed in any discussion of Escher and Escher-like tessellations.  Check out this Tessellation World for great inspiration.  You'll be astounded at both the art and the mathematics inherent in these designs.

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