Thursday, May 12, 2011

Hundred Board Puzzles

The hundred board or chart holds a prominent place in primary math classrooms.  The chart is a visual representation of the patterns in our mathematical system of numbers.

Students are able to learn the patterns in the hundred board by assembling puzzles.   Teachers are able to assess student use of patterns in rows and columns by observing the student at work.  


 This task is easily differentiated to accommodate the varied levels in a first grade class by changing the number of pieces and the shape of the pieces.   Puzzle bags should be sequentially lettered so that students progress through harder versions of the task.  

  • Have students and their families create their own hundred board puzzles.
  • Challenge students to fill in missing numbers on hundred board pieces or whole hundred boards as practice using the patterns in the hundred board.

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  1. Someone posted this idea to the Math Monday Blog Hop. I love it... What a great way to take the 100s board outside!