Friday, February 11, 2011

Pig Dice App

Now you can play the game of Pig on your iPhone with this free app that allows you to play against the computer.  Be forewarned that the computer in this app is a formidable opponent!  That being said, the app is useful for trying out different winning strategies and it's a fun game to have available on your phone for those wait times.

Terry's Note:  I think it's great for kids to see that it's cool to have math games on your iPhone.  Try it!  


  1. I love the pig dice game idea. I printed it to give to my childs teacher and I am going to try and simplify to see if my preschool children in my home daycare can play. I think they would love the dice and we can count it out together. Great counting game. Thanks!!

  2. Do you know if the app is available for the iPad?

  3. The app, which is available in the iTunes store, states it's compatible with iPhone, iTouch and iPad.